Indian Music Club

                  in Budapest

Every first Monday of Each Month


The "Indian Music Club" is a unique gathering of Classical Indian Art & Music lovers in the continent.

It was established in 1979 by Andras Kozma and the Calcutta Trio. It's aim has been to bring together a handful of people deeply interested in Indian Classical Music and provide a regular place to visit.

Though it is named as "Indian Music Club", it is not a "club" as such, but rather a regular place for concert, live music, and educational interest.

During each three hour session being held every Monday since 1979 the Trio plays live music, invited artists present their programs and there is an approx. half an hour of Video Presentation, when the audience can enjoy the greatest living artist of Indian music and dance.

Time to time interested listeners can also hear lectures and lecture demonstrations on Indian classical music and dance, as well as lectures on various topics related to Indian culture.

The Indian Music Club is an integral part of RIMPA-CEB. Thus during the recent years several disciples of Pt.Ravi Shankar performed here along with artist representing other "gharanas", both in the field of classical music, as well as classical dance.

Sitar recitals by Pt.Ravi Shankar in 1988 and 1991 (at the Budapest Indoor Stadium) were also organized by RIMPA and the Indian Music Club.

In 2007 the Club is functioning as always and will be celebrating the 28th anniversary the 23th year in October.

The "Indian Music Club" is a non-profit based regular cultural event where ticket-prices only cover the expenses of the Cultural Centre.

The Indian Music Club in 19852007

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