Andras Molnar


Dr. Andras Molnar - tanpura


ANDRAS MOLNAR - like Peter Szalai - has also been a pupil of Ustad Munnu Khan and Shree Anthony Dass, from whom he learnt to play the Delhi gharana style of tabla. Apart from this he studied classical vocal music during his long stay in India. In the Trio he regularly plays the tanpura. In India Mr. Molnar has studied at Bharatiya Kala Kendra - New Delhi. Besides playing the tanpura for the Trio he has been taking care of the concert activities of the Trio for well over 25 years. Strangely, he is the only member of the Trio having a "real" profession, as he is the Head of Department of the Parliamentary affairs dept.of Hungarian Ministry of Finance...


                    Andras Molnar with Anthony Dass in his home in Delhi with Anthony Dass in his home in Delhi                                     with Zakir Hussain with U.Zakir Hussain