Peter Szalai


Peter Szalai


(late Ustad Alla Rakha's only European disciple)

Peter Szalai started playing tabla at the age of 16. Born in Budapest 1962, and has chosen to perform Indian classical music professionally. Initially he studied with Shree Anthony Dass, Ustad Inam Ali Khan, Ustad Munnu Khan, leading exponents of Delhi gharana of tabla, and later became a student of the world famous tabla maestro USTAD ALLA RAKHA. These days he is well known worldwide as an artist of unique talent and a musician who strictly follows the Panjab gharana of tabla. He has habitually played visited India and also received training from his Guru's sons, namely Zakir Hussain, Fazal Qureshi and Toufiq Qureshi. Besides regularly playing with Andras Kozma and the Calcutta Trio, in the 90's Mr.Szalai performed along with eminent Indian musicians all over Europe, and aside from playing classical music he also participated in jazz formations and mixed-music experiments. Played with leading exponents of Indian music such as late Shubho Shankar, Nandu Mulley, Subhendra Rao, Gourav Mazumdar,etc.

He has already tutored a few very talented students of Tabla. Peter Szalai is undoubtedly one of the best tabla players living outside India and he is well known of following not only Punjab gharana's style but perhaps he is the only disciple of Ustad Alla Rakha, including Indian students, who follows his Guru's original style. Peter is also active at RIMPA.

With Pt.Ravi Shankar and U.Alla Rakha  with Pt.Ravi Shankar & U.Alla Rakha

Peter szalai with Ustad Munnu Khan - khalifa of Delhi gharana   with Ustad Munnu Khan (Late khalifa of Delhi gharana)

With Andras Kozma      playing with his oldest friend in Calcutta Trio - Andras Kozma

Peter with U.Zakir Hussain     with U.Zakir Hussain

Playing with Ken Zuckermann           playing with known sarod player Ken Zuckermann

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