There's a newborn litter in the Dober-Kopp kennel, Hungary!

 They were born from a tried pairing!

 Dober-Kopp Matthias Rex (ICH, ÖCH) and Dober-Kopp Charmos Saci also had been born from this pairing. Saci (the later) winded up to be the most successful bitch in the Dober-Kopp kennel. 3xBIS (best in show), EuWIN, IntCH, HCH, HSCH, xCACIB

 The parents

            Father     Dober-Kopp Pannon Zoltán    WCH, EUW,  MultiCH, ICH

Grand parents           Javidov Az A. Faizabad    WCH, MultiCH (Ö,NL,DS,VDH,B,L,F,SU)

                                               Anischka AD Zarenreich VDH.EU.J.Win, 6xCAC, 3xCACIB, 2xBOB    

            Mother    Dober-Kopp Black Sirocco                 Ch.JunEuW 2006 Donaueschingen

Grand parents           Hassini Rus Duchess      3xCWC, 3xBOB, 2xBOG

                                               Oriana Az A. Faizabad      WCH’02, Jgd.BOB, WWIN’02, 14xCACIB

10xBOB, MultiCH (Ö,HR,H,NL,YU)


The litter

Please contact me for price and any other questions you might have! Although opinions of others might be strong and sometimes rather amusing, please consider the success of my kennel! My extensive experience in breeding dogs and other animals and in embryo research goes back more than 30 years! You are on the best way to get a (real) world-class puppy! Many people are trying; I do science.


Ágnes Koppány, Dr.




mother: Dober Kopp - Pannon Virag

father: Dober Kopp Red Taifun



Puppies were born on the 4th November 2004

Mother:  Dober Kopp Remény (World Ch, Inter CH, HJCH, HCH, VDHCH, CRJCH, CRCH, SLOCH)

Father: Hassini Rus Duchess

Pictures of the puppies

two days, 5 week old, 3, 4 & 5 months old




The puppies of Oriana az Aftab Faizabad & Hassini Rus Duchess were born on  the 25th October 2004

Pictures of the puppies

two days, ten days, 5 weeks old, 3, 4 & 5 months old