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A ravenous citizen of Kyrama isles had a dream of unbelievable treasures. He followed the dream to a forgotten cave, but what he opened was the gate of ancient evil spirits. Kyrama Isles looks forward to the swarm of the spirits. It has already happen thousands of years ago. That time a smart knight could save the people. He has built a flying machine, and hunted down the spirits from the sky.

Weeks ago Enar the smith has found the design of this Wing, the flying machine, and reconstructed it. It is your job to find the Light Crystal that supplies Wing, and fight the war against the spirits. You will see what a challenge the ancient history of this epic 3D adventure game has in store.

Ride, sail, dive, talk, and trade with merchants. Explore the mediterran islands of Kyrama, small villages and great cities, a palace, a pyramid, secret caverns, jungles, snowy peaks and hidden valleys. Meet friends or strange inhabitants, soldiers, prisoners and rebels. Collect treasures, buy or find weapons and secret maps. Protect yourself with sword and bow, use magic items. Fight with hungry predators, sharks and even flying demons. Bomb evil spirits with from the sky.

Game idea and design (C) Attila Szalkai, 2001-2010

"Great job, we're really impressed!" Team

It seems like an enjoyable game thus far. And the price is right.
Tammy Garnett

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