I hope, you found my website not by a random click but with the intention of knowing me.
I've created this website to introduce myself to you.


Zoltán BÜKI
You can e-mail me to mapmaker.hu@gmail.com

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I was born in Budapest, on 01. 01. 1956.
I finished my studies as a geologist in 1974.
I use computers since 1990, first as a digital map operator, then as a GIS expert. GIS means (shortly): software connections of digital maps to geo-localized databases.
I use Bentley's GIS softwares (MicroStation; GeoPak Site) since 1990.


I have acquired practice and expert in:

Windows operation systems. Tunings, network, trouble-shooting etc.

CAD softwares:
I've been using Bentley's MicroStation (95, SE, J, V8) for 15 years.

Other CAD softwares:
Geovec, Descartes, IrasB, GeoTerrain, Geopak Site, etc.

Microsoft Office:
Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, FrontPage

Web editors, Flashmakers, Music editors.
OCR software, Photo editor

Recently I started to work with Google's softwares: Google Sketchup, Google Earth.
Download Google Earth
A few of my topics that become popular and well rated in Google Earth Community:
67-es Panzió Boldogasszonyfa
Hungarian State Opera
Budapest, Hungary district 6 (in progress)
Modell of the temple of Chempeskopach
Pension Route 67
Eger, minaret, Hungary
The temple of Bernecebarati
The Csomorkány Church Ruins
Maps of Historical Hungary
Liberty Bridge Budapest, Hungary (Szabadság híd)
Populated places in Hungary v1.2
Castles of historical Hungary v2.0
Citadella - Budapest, Hungary
National Parks of Hungary
Filling Grand Canyon at Yavapai Point (Timeline)

A Spectacular timeline: Changing sea level by 1 m

CIA World Factbook - Geographical data
CIA World Factbook - Population data
CIA World Factbook - Government data
CIA World Factbook - Economy data
CIA World Factbook - Communications data
CIA World Factbook - Transportation data
CIA World Factbook - Military data
CIA World Factbook - Transnational Issues Data


A few of my modell in Google 3D Warehouse

Liberty Bridge Budapest, Hungary (Szabadság híd):


The temple of Bernecebarati:

Roman age St. Michael temple in Csempeszkopacs, Hungary:

Skull 3D:

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