demo page

here you can find some of the great ep demo programs. they run on the emulator !
click on the screenshot or the title text to download
all demos are packed with pc zip (not enterprise zip!)

if you have any more demos, please send me...

Big Demo by BAM soft, 1990 (71k)

Defender of the Crown Show by Joe, 1990 (47k)

EDC's Visions by EDC, 1993 (69k)
MegaDemo 2 by Joe, 1990 (21k)

MegaDemo3 by Joe, 1990 (23k)
Much demo by FBT, 1992 (8k)

Ork Megademo 1 by OrkSoft, 1991 (87k)

Ork Megademo 2 by OrkSoft, 1992 (144k)

Psychical Destruction Demo by The Art of Code/Fed/Bali, 1992 (132k)

Sinus demo by Nasa Guy (56k)

Show of Magic Balls by Flying Time Studio, 1991 (34k)

Show of Magic Balls 2 by Flying Time Studio, 1991 (20k)

Scroll Demo by Flying Time Studio, 1991 (215k)

Small Demo by Nihil software, 1990 (398k)

TNT demo by TNT (4k)

Turn demo by Nasa Guy (8k)

eye demo by LPT (4k)