# Personal data :

Name : Vincze Béla György
Gender : Male
Date and place of birth : 17 October 1977 00:35, Budapest
E-mail : egzo@freemail.hu
www : http://web.axelero.hu/egzo

# Education :

1992-1997 Puskás Tivadar Telecommuncation Technical School
Dissertation : Submarine Telecommuncation Cables
1997-2002 Technical University of Budapest / Faculty of Transportation Engineering
Section main module : Transportation Engineering
Subsidiary module : Railway Transportation (signalling and safety equipments)
Submodule : Safety Critical Systems
Dissertation : Examination of ETCS equipped grade crossings with complex simulation
2003- Full time PhD student at the Technical University of Budapest (Department of Transport Automation)

# Skills / software knowledge :

languages Assembly (x86, 8051 family, Zilog Z80)
C, C++ (Visual C)
Borland Delphi
Visual Basic
3D Studio MAXScript
(... and Siemens STEP7 PLC language, some perl, javascript etc.)

operating systems DOS
Windows 9x,ME,NT,2K,XP
Linux (Mandrake)
software Various x86, z80 and 8051 assemblers (MASM 6.14-7, WASM, TASM etc.)
Visual Studio 6.0 / .NET
Delphi 5-6-7
various debuggers windbg, Soft-ICE etc.
...and of course MS Office, AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop, some 3D Studio MAX etc.

# Employment / projects (not full list, just the most important) :

1991-1994 Development of graphical user interface for Z80 based home computer, several utilites and games.
Computer scene activity in "Enlightenment" group (e.g. development of the prize-winner "Mindphaser" demo and "Desert" 4k intro, party voting systems etc.) (DOS, Assembly, C)
Real-time 3D animation player for Knorr-Bremse Brake Systems Inst. (DOS, Assembly)
Script-based "MTX" multimedia development system for PC magazine (DOS, assembly)
Game Development (2 games, DOS, win32, Assembly, Visual C, MAXScript)
"Spark" sound engine for games and multimedia systems (win32, Assembly, Visual C, Delphi)
Database management software for Hungarian Ministry of Education (win32, MS Access, Visual Basic)
Software for programmable digital thermostat and "weather station" (8051, Assembly)
"ep32" Enterprise 128 retro-computing emulator (win32, Visual C, Assembly)
2002-2003 "Rattler" complex modular railway simulation software (win32, Visual C,Delphi, Assembly, MAXScript)
2003- "Takt" - timetable editing system.