My name is Attila Furman and I have been a member of the Hungarian Police since 1984 . In  1994  I  started  to  collect    police  items ( patches , uniform hat ) from all over the world  besides Hungary . As I have developed an interest in police vehicles in the past few years , I began to deal with photographs of these , as well . With this web page , my purpose is to give help to collectors , non-collectors and anybody else who shows an interest in vehicles of the Hungarian Police .

I would like to introduce the police vehicles of Hungary, a small Central European country for anyone who interested. My web site will constanly include cars used by various units at the present as well as in the recent past. The pictures come from my own collection. If you are interested in collecting photos, please don`t hesitate to get in touch with me to start our business at once. ( I am trying to develop and extend my web site all the time.)

A little history about the development of the colour of cars:
Before the change in our political system in 1989, all the cars were white and blue. This means that there was a blue stripe on white basis or the other way around. On the stripe, the Hungarian equivalent of "Rendorseg" (Police) could be found.
However, after 1989, the "striped" cars were gradually replaced by vehicles only of one colour, which means that the basic colour of the cars became white. On both sides there was the word "Rendorseg", while on the bonnet a large, coloured coat of arm of the police could be seen. This alteration was prescribed by one of the commands from a chief of the Hungarian Police. Similarly to cars , ither vehicles such as watercrafts and aircrafts saw change in their colour according to the order: ships became white, while helicopters were of blue colour. To depart from the instructions needed special permission.

ŠAttila Furman 2002