Trading Rules:

1. The most important: NO MP3 SOURCED SHOWS!!! If you don't know exactly, that your show is a correct audio or not, please visit this page:

2. I'm intersted in only live bootlegs and demos. I don't trade official releases.

3. I don't sell any bootlegs.

4. Usually I trade at a 1cd:1cd and 1dvd:2cd rate.

5. Always use EAC (Exact Audio Copy, it is a free program, you can download it from to extract WAV files onto hard drive and then burn using DAO (Disc-At-Once) at max. 4x (600 KB/sec) speed. When it comes to live recordings, please always use the DAO mode to avoid the 2 second gaps between the tracks.

6. Only clean, error-free copies are accepted. If you know of any flaws (pops, clicks, 2-sec. gaps etc.) of the show that I request, please tell me about them before the trade!

7. I accept only compressed formats (FLAC, SHN) on DVD and prefer to send the same. Avoid CDs.

8. If I haven't traded with you before, send your CD-Rs first and when I receive them, I'll mail out yours.

9. Please send in well protected and padded envelopes. Don't send jewel cases!

10. If the copy that I burnt for you is bad, then I will replace it! I expect the same from you!

11. I'm from Hungary. I try to stick to trades in Europe, as postage rates are lower. But if you're from somewhere else, a trade is still possible.

12. Be honest!!!!

So, that's all. I hope you find something you like. If you are new in trade and don't have anything to trade, ask me and we try to figure out something (2:1 for example).