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Our Violins

Our traditional Hungarian, handmade violins are designed and crafted according to my own concept that I learned first from my father, and later through 60 years of hands on  acquired experience.  Top, or belly of the violins are hand carved from White Spruce Pinea glauca.  Variables; such as origin, composition, shape, thickness of the wood and craftsmanship largely determine the sound quality of the violins.

Hand finishing the violin Scroll of violin as head Violin being assembled. Partially finished violin

The way how the various delicate parts are engineered, fitted, and glued together enables the violin to withstand large bow pressure on the strings and prevents not to drown the violin.

Just a small example of the distinctive ornamental Hungarian folk motives that enhances the uniqueness of our violins are shown on the thumbnail pictures below. These vignette patterns are my own creation. To inspect any of these small example pictures in enlarged detail, please click on it. Or if you wish have a peek in the Violin Gallery local web page to view all the violin pictures.

Ornamental details Decorative Motif Example Decorative Example on fingerboard Violin chin rest and tail piece decorations

On 1997 October 8, after undergoing a rigorous examination as to the craftsmanship and artistic value on my original ornamental motifs that decorate some of our violins, the jury at the Hungarian Advisory Office for the Fine Arts;    ( KÉPZŐ-és IPARMŰVÉSZETI LEKTORÁTUS ) awarded its license for our violins.  Hence, I have exclusive ownership on the designs.  Furthermore, they are protected jointly by Hungarian/ EU (European Union) and international Copy Right laws.

Fine Arts document picture

With care and normal use, longevity of our handcrafted, delicate yet sturdy violins are certain to reach hundreds of years.  At the end of unhurried, meticulous and caring construction process, several layers of special wood finishing are applied to the visible outside surfaces, and hand polished to bring out the beauty of wood grain.  All wooden parts  are protected with moisture proofing against any dampness, or excess humidity and condensation.

Faceplate wood for the violins were  harvested from hundreds of years old White Spruce logs from high up the snow caped peaks of the Carpathian Mountains in Western Transylvania.  It has been proven that those violins that are made from wood that grow in cold, dry high altitude, they have a richer better melodic sound.

Back-plates, sides and necks of the violins are made from 25 years old fine textured Fleecy Maple Acer saccharum Fibers in this wood are distorted in wavelike patterns.  This naturally occurring aberration in the wood enhances the sound quality.

Every one of our violin is constructed with unhurried, utmost care, the old fashioned way.  They all posses excellent melodic tone, and the ornaments are independently unique; an absolute joy to play, a pleasure to hear, and truly a delight to behold and see.

 I proudly recommend our violins from the promising beginner student violinists to the more serious musicians; to professional, experienced concertmasters and violin virtuosos.


In addition to these displayed fine instruments that you find on this web page (please see Violin Gallery), we can gladly accommodate any special orders for custom made violins. Please inquire at:

About me

Before I got into violin making - by the time I reached my 14-th birth date - I have learned  to play the Violin tuning and testingviolin by myself - on the same violin that my father made in his youth.  In his later years he made about 5 more violins.  Seeing his creation peaked my interest in violin making and together we made our first violin in 1946. Thus, violin making became a family tradition.

In the mean time, after about a decade of absence, with renewed vigour I restarted violin making. After a lot of experimentation evolved my true character in me. Since then, I made 38 violins.

I had a couple of exhibitions, received many praises and laudations even from the director of our local, world famous Zoltán Kodály conservatory in Kecskemet, Hungary.


Vadonban születtem, de szeliddé váltam,
Erről álmodoztam, s régen erre vágytam.
Lombom elhullattam, elrepült az élet,
Erdő mélyén hagytam, mert az a természet.
Daloló madarak meg - meglátogattak,
Száradó ágaimon mélyen hallgattak.
El is szálltak messze, nem is látom őket,
Bánatosan szemlélem a fekete felhőket.
Begorult felettem, sötét lett az ég is
Az életem kialvóba?... Vagy feltámadok mégis?
Éltemben, holtamban nem leszek egyedűl,
Lelkileg legyen az gazdag, ki rajtam hegedűl,
Ehhez adom hozzá én is a kezemet,
Tárjátok ki elöttem a hagnverseny-termeket.

Ha elkerülök egyszer idegen kezekbe
Te is gondolj majd rám, s jussak az eszedbe.
Ismerősöd leszek örökké e főldön,
Ugy érzem, hogy te is ezt adod majd kölcsön.
Reméled?... s remélem hogy össze tartozunk,
Zenével a békéért mi is harcolunk.

A kezdőbetűk összeolvasásával kapunk egy idézetet:
Veled szebb az élet ha te is úgy reméled.


Horváth Gyula       la




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