FORNETTI   ~PEST1077 Bp., Dob utca 71. ( Erzsébet krt. és Dob utca sarok)                

FORNETTI   ~BUDA~   1027 Bp.,  Bem utca 9. ( Bem József utca, Margit krt. sarok )      

 ///                        RENDELÉS  Miki Shop Kft./ Falatka Fornetti (06-20-5590-221)   

angolul // 

You can order a geeat number of sweet and salt cakes from the 06-20 9356247 or the 06-205590221 telephone number.

If you want under 10 kilos, you call us one day before.

But if you want more than 10 kilos, you must call us two days before.

Ifv you order 15 kilos, we delivery to your door.

Phone: 06-20-9356-247