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Just to make sure, I didn't do these mods because I wanted to take the wheel apart at all costs. I've done them, because I was afraid of that the replacement wheel would develop the same problems after a time. Which might not be true, as I've never tried that! Another important thing is, that many customers never experienced such problems with their Logitech MOMO Racing wheel, which is normal as I was always an unlucky guy in every area of human life. ;-)

Straight out of the box I got:
a bit loose wheel, so I could move the wheel shaft left-right 2-3mm, without turning it
knocking sound when, wheel centered and then
moved left and right a bit

I had these "problems" with my old Formula Force GP wheel too (same internal structure), so I've decided to ignore them. But during a weekend league race my left shifter paddle broke and I had to decide: skip next league race or fix it myself. As I like microelectronics and mechanics (studied both deeply on university) I choosed to open the wheel. This is how all started...

Currently the following modifications have been done to my wheel:
Fix to prevent multiple paddle shifts and no shifts
Wheel shaft fix (no more slack)
Fix for knocking sound
Accelerator pedal fix (no more spikes)
Off-centering issue (sw releated)

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