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"Tanczene" means "Dance Music" in Hungarian and this is how Hungarians referred to all kinds of pop music right until the advent of rock. It's also the title of this compilation of long out-of-print instrumental tracks from Hungary, most from the late 50's-mid 60's period. All tracks are transferred from old vinyl, so expect a lot of hisses and cracks. Also, expect a unique perspective on life and entertainment in a Warsaw Pact country, where anything associated with that side of the Berlin Wall was perceived as exotic.

The Warsaw Pact is long gone, Hungary is a member of both NATO and EU, the musicians heard on these recordings are either dead or rather old, the "presszo"-s, where the people of Budapest had smoked their cigarettes and drunk their liquor and where most of this music had been played are closed now. There remain some dusty 7" records, relics of a bygone, black-and-white era.

You can hear the longing, the sadness, the happiness of an oppressed but very living city, reluctantly going to party after the tragedy of the 1956 revolution (historical note: drowned in blood by the Russian army). Sometimes they're groovy, sometimes they're funny (sometimes unintentionally so), sometimes they're based on outright misunderstanding of third-hand international musical forms. And they all helped the listener to believe that he/she is somewhere else.



Instrumental Music from Hungary in the Cold War Era

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01 Ez sztereo!

02 Bergendi: Magyar tancok

03 Ez sztereo!

04 Antal Varhelyi: Malom a Fekete-erdoben

05 Studio 11 featuring Harmonia Vocal & MHV String Orchestra: Eldorado

06 Peter Hajdu: Vidam hangok

07 Budapest Harmonica Trio: El Relicario

08 Lajos Martiny: Marvellous Mambo

09 Club Ensemble + Studio Vocal: Presszo Csa Csa

10 Vilmos Kormendi: Braziliana

11 Koltay-Papp Ensemble: Kling-Klang

12 Illes: Protonok tanca

13 Harmonia Vocal: Selejtezo szam

14 Ez sztereo!

15 Metro: Volgai hajosok dala

16 Andor Kovacs: Tabu

17 Mihaly Tabanyi & His Soloists: Mambo

18 Hungarian Radio Dance Orchestra featuring Imre Zsoldos: Bakfis

19 Hungarian Radio Dance Orchestra: Mezes macko

20 Jozsef Szabo & Jeno "Bubi" Beamter: Mambo-cocktail

21 MHV String Orchestra: Tango

22 OSZK Dance Orchestra: Broadway

23 Visszhang Vocal with rhythm ensemble: Mambo

24 New Year's Eve, 1965

25 MHV Small Ensemble: Je t'aime

26 Imre Zsoldos: Delibabos Hortobagyon

27 Jeno "Bubi" Beamter & Lajos Martiny: Les feuilles mortes

28 Janos Koos: Zug a Volga


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