Bird hospital in Hortobágy


The BIRD HOSPITAL FOUNDATION was registered under no. 1279 on 23.09.1999. in Hortobágy, with its registered address at Petőfi tér 6.

The Foundation's goal is primarily the veterinarian treatment of protected birds and their release to freedom in nature following their recovery.

In addition to natural damages and infections due to human activities - such as poisoning, damages on highways, poaching, etc. - many birds suffer injuries from which they can be saved under the proper conditions.

Since 1991 the veterinarian treatment of birds has been covered by the bird repatriation station operated by Hortobágy National Park in the outskirts of Tiszafüred-Kócsújfalu, where damaged and ill protected and highly protected birds arrive from all parts of the country. Under the current conditions, following the /primarily operational/ veterinarian care, follow-up care and full recovery, some 40% of them are return to the wild.

The breeding, interior propagation and storage of the single birds that had suffered permanent damage are also carried out at the site.