Dr. Júlia Kalán chief dermatologist


Welcome to my Dermatology-Cosmetology Home Page!

As an experienced specialist in skin care I hope to be of service to you. Please feel free to visit me with your skin problems at my private office.


1979: was graduated from the Medical Faculty of the Semmelweis University's General Medical School
1983: obtained specialist diploma (dermatology, venerology, cosmetology)
1999: was graduated in Laser Surgery and Healing

Work Experience

I began my career at the Dermatology Department of Szt. István Kórház (St. Steven Hospital).
At present I am the head doctor at the Ferencvárosi Egészségügyi Szolgáltató K.K.N. Kft. (Health Clinic Ferencváros).
I also practise laser surgery at the Szt. Margit Kórház (St. Margaret Hospital).


  • General and child dermatology :
    eczema, ichthyosis, fungal infections (skin, toes), cancer screening with dermatoscope,
    leg alcer, allergies, etc.
  • Cosmetology :
    pimples, dandruff, greasy hair, hair loss, keloid, etc.
  • Skin Surgery :
    Removal of moles, benign tumors, malignant lesions, growths, and warts with laser or
  • Cryosurgery :
    Removal of warts caused by virus by liquid nitrogen freeze, without injection.

Where I can be reached:

Private Office:
Tel: +36-20-543-3948
E-mail: kalanjuli@freemail.hu
Bp. III. Bécsi út 217. I. floor 1.
Monday 15 - 19
Friday 15 - 17

Facing Eurocenter.
Bp. IX. Ferenc tér 1. (Entrance from Tompa Street)
Wednesday 15 - 19


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