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Youth hostels: There are not too many of them in Budapest. They are mainly university dorms that are used as hostel during summer time, having different types of rooms. There is a common bath, on every floor. Price: single 20-25 EUR, doubles 25-40 EUR, triples 35-50 EUR.

Private rooms: These rooms are in private homes. Kitchen access and shared bath available. They are in the center of the city, close to the most important touristic attractions.

Price/room/night in EUR
2005. 02.01-25.03;
25.03-20.12. Holidays and Formula-1 weekend
Single room 22 25 35
Double room 30 38 48
Triple room 39 48 60

Apartments: Centrally located, 1-2-3 room private flats complete with kitchen and bath.

Price/apartment/night in EUR
2005. 02.01-25.03;
25.03-20.12. Holidays and Formula-1 weekend
1-3 pers)
40 50 70
(1-5 pers)
55 70 95
1-6 pers)
70 95 120

Guesthouses: Not a classical hotel category. They are mainly firm's and ministries' property for their own guests, but they accept tourists. Therefore their prices are 20-30% lower than a same-category hotel. The rooms have private facilites. Approx. price (incl. breakfast): singles 25 EUR, doubles 40 EUR, triples 50 EUR.

Hotels: Different prices depending on standard, season and location.

Other services:

Transfer from Airport to hotel by car 24 EUR / car (max.3 pers.)

Transfer from Airport to hotel byminibus 75 EUR / bus (max. 8 pers.)

Budapest 4 hour sightseeing tour by coach:30 EUR / pers.

To make a booking: send a fax with your desired itinerary, and we will respond within 48 hours. Please note, that we offer a full range of services, and would be happy to provide detailes upon request.

Office hours: Mon. - Fri. 9am - noon, 1pm-8pm; Sat. - Sun. 9am - 5pm.

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